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Looking after your body

Looking after your body

Thank you to our VIP Wellness Partner, Sue for this Guest Blog.

While we’ve been in lockdown all of our routines have changed and many of us may have become far more sedentary than normal and our bodies full of tension. We were designed to move, and more than ever it is important to stay as active as possible to keep our hearts healthy, muscles strong and out joints working.  Too much time spent sitting/being inactive can slow the metabolism, and over time can lead to weakening of leg and gluteal muscles, make hip flexors tight and can put undue pressure on the lower back and stress the surrounding muscles and joints.  Just 30 minutes of exercise daily can help correct a day of sitting.  Take the time to do several minutes of stretching daily.  This helps increase  flexibility, increases blood flow to muscles and boosts circulation, improves posture, helps prevent back pain and can even be good for stress relief.  After a day spent sitting, its good to particularly stretch out your hip flexors, your lower back, chest and shoulders.

Being physically active also offers many benefits when it comes to your mental wellbeing. Endorphins released in the body during exercise can lift your mood and make you more relaxed. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety and improves self esteem, mood and sleep quality, boosts energy and brainpower. Be kind to yourself today, and every day, and take some time out to exercise doing something you enjoy.
There are numerous on-line resources and apps available covering many different types of activities which you can do indoors or outdoors….   Doing a HIIT session for just 15-20 minutes can do wonders for high calorie burn, fat burning and a healthy heart.   Some fantastic effective bodyweight moves for strength and tone which you can do at home include squats, lunges, plank variations, push ups, bridges and tricep dips to name but a few.  Why not try this low impact bodyweight workout at home?
Walking is the most natural and fundamental of all human conscious movements. It is easily accessible and a great  low impact exercise!  If walking is your main/favoured form of exercise, think about your walking speed;  how about training yourself to elevate your walk pace to power walk pace  meaning you could walk a kilometre in less than 8 minutes (a mile in 20 minutes)? Or choose a route with some inclines to get that heart rate up.   Wherever possible try to walk in or near to green spaces as these are restorative, uplifting, and healing for both physical and mental health conditions.

I hope you, your family and friends stay safe and well.  Happy to answer any fitness / health questions so please don’t hesitate to contact me
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