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Strawberry Lift

If you’d like to reduce the weight on your face, sculpt your jawline and shrink your double chin then the Strawberry Lift is the perfect solution for you.

Loved by celebrities as a non-surgical solution, this incredible cutting-edge laser treatment is non-invasive and pain free. Combining laser therapy with ultrasound to dissolve and tighten fatty chins and crepey neck skin you’ll knock years off your appearance and feel so much more confident.

Instant, guaranteed results lasting approximately 18 months, with results lasting longer than Botox and fillers. The pain-free treatment helps reduce fat cells and works to form new collagen; lifting and tightening the skin with incredible long-lasting results.

Strawberry LiftSingle treatment£375.00
Strawberry LiftTwo treatments£600.00
Strawberry LiftCourse of four£1000.00

Before & After Strawberry Lift Treatments

What to expect

  1. A Consultation
    Prior to your first treatment, you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire and consent form – this is to ensure that you have no contraindications to the procedure.
  2. Clinical Photography
    You will have three photographs taken before your treatment begins, after the laser and after the Silent Ultrasound. This will be repeated for every treatment booked. This will show you the cumulative results and give you accurate before and after images at your final treatment. Come back for your final photograph two weeks post treatment to see your stunning results.
  3. Aftercare
    Please ensure you hydrate your face with a reputable moisturiser. In the summer or in warm countries please use a SPF suncream. It is always best to avoid saunas and sunbathing on the day before, of and after your treatment. One of our experienced therapists can advice you on the best moisturiser to use for your skin type during your consultation.

How it works


It’s a really simple process including two stages within a 30 minute treatment. 

Stage one – a laser light penetrates the skin to selectively target those unwanted fat cells shrinking them with immediate effect, making your face slimmer in just 12 minutes.

The best thing is it only feels warm but certainly not unpleasant.

A non-invasive miracle that does not need freezing or injections.



Stage two – involves an Ultrasound applicator that simply glides over the skin from below the cheek bones to the lower neck.

The focused “Silent Ultrasound” tightens the skin with immediate effect and generates new Collagen. Results continue to improve over the next 12 weeks.

A painless, non-invasive treatment that takes less than 10 minutes.


In what circumstances is treatment not allowed?

  • All forms of cancer
  • Pacemaker
  • Pregnant or lactating mothers
  • Patients with keloid scarring
  • Epilepsy

When will I see results?
In most cases you will see INSTANT results after one treatment. In some cases there may be slight swelling which is not noticeable to anyone else. In both cases you will have fantastic results within 2 weeks. The before photograph of the second treatment is always better than the last treatment photograph.

How many treatments do I need? 
You will see instant results in only 1 treatment. Most clients have between 1 – 4 treatments. This is totally dependant on age, weight and condition of your skin. Your therapist will advise you at the consultation. An average is 2 treatments, but a course of 4 is recommended.

How long will the results last?
Results last between 18 months and 2 years. This obviously depends on your age and your natural aging process. Weight gain can also change your face shape.

Is the treatment painful?
No, there is zero pain and zero discomfort. You feel a comfortable warm feeling in the treatment area which is known to make some clients fall asleep.

How can I monitor my results?
Simply request to have a copy of your photos.