Enhance Your Wellbeing

Become A Brighter, Better You In 2022

Wellbeing at City Retreat

Eat, drink and be merry over the festive period, but don’t forget to look
forward to 2020 with the aim of becoming a brighter, better you.
At City Retreat, we believe wholeheartedly in a holistic approach to life and we strive,
every day, to deliver services and treatments to help you in your pursuit.
Follow these simple guidelines for an enhanced wellbeing in the New Year

Wellbeing For Mind And Body At City Retreat

Nourish: to cherish, feed, support; supply with what is necessary
for life, health and growth.
Making decisions about what to eat shouldn’t be complicated.
Having a healthy, balanced diet on a day to day basis can
enhance not only your overall health and wellbeing, but also your
mood. Enjoy a rainbow of vegetables every day and organic meat
when you can afford it and your complexion will thank you.

Exercise: for the improvement of health.
Exercise could be as simple as going for a walk at lunchtime
or getting off the bus a couple of stops early. You could take a
different route to normal, breathe deep and enjoy new sights.
You’ll be fresh-faced and rosy-cheeked in no time.

Sleep: to take a rest and let your body recover and regenerate.
Sleep is your skin’s best friend, as this is when your skin cells
detoxify, repair and regenerate. Despite constantly being
reminded that 8 hours is the ideal, quality is actually more
important than quantity, as the deep sleep cycles are when the
body works on restorative processes.