Hair Removal In Newcastle

The Best Hair Removal Options At City Retreat Spa & Salons In Newcastle

As the experts in hair removal in Newcastle our highly trained team have a reputation for their skilful hair removal services. We pride ourselves on using the best products and most up to date technology to ensure that you have silky smooth skin and confidence all year round!

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IPL Hair Removal At City Retreat Spas & Salons In Jesmond

If you want permanently smooth skin without constant shaving, waxing, plucking or epilation, consider IPL Hair Removal. 

At City Retreat Salons in Jesmond, Gosforth & The Grey Street Hotel use the tried and trusted Ellipse Sirius IPL technology for permanent hair removal.

Book a course of 6 and only pay for 5 treatments. Book two areas together and receive an extra 10% off.

For permanent hair removal, we recommend 9-12 sessions with additional interval treatments. 

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Waxing At The Best Beauty Salon In Newcastle

If you opt for waxing, our highly skilled beauty therapists can offer you two types of wax hair removal - Strip Waxing and Lycon Hot Waxing.

Strip waxing combined with Oritree Liquid Hair Remover is a pure and natural hair removal system that is kinder to the skin than most strip waxes.  This is a great way to remove unwanted hair from the legs, underarms, face, back and chest. 

For more intimate hair removal areas, we offer the Elite Lycon Hot Waxing System which removes hair as short as 1mm. Lycon Wax is excellent on the most sensitive & intimate areas, leaving a cleaner and neater finish.

Lycon Waxing At City Retreat Spa and Salons in Newcastle

Our Top Tips Before Your Wax

Make sure your hair is the right length: This can be a tricky one to judge when you are booking your waxing appointment, but you need to make sure your hair is at least half a centimetre long so that the wax can fix onto it and pull the hair follicle out entirely.  

Exfoliate before and after your wax: To avoid unsightly ingrowing hairs, we recommend preparing your skin before your wax using an exfoliating mitt or suitable product.   Speak to your City Retreat therapist about the most appropriate scrub to use. You should also exfoliate again 3 days after your wax, to prevent in-growing hairs from developing, and then every few days until your next wax.

Plan the timing of your wax: Your skin will need to be just right for your wax! Avoid sun exposure for two days before and you will need to leave a couple of days after your wax for your skin to recover, so make sure you are not jetting off for some much-needed sun the day after your wax!

Your City Retreat beauty therapist will provide you with a before and after care plan, make sure to follow it carefully. 

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