Hair Removal

Hair Removal At City Retreat Beauty Salons & Spas In Grey Street, Gosforth & Jesmond

As the experts in hair removal, City Retreat Beauty Salons & Spas in Newcastle provide an efficient & discreet service that you can trust.

Our hair removal services are for any areas where you have unwanted hair on the body and face. We remove the hair from the root which leaves your skin feeling smoother for longer. All our hair removal services are available for both men & women. We only use safe & hygienic methods of hair removal which are performed in a private treatment room.

We recommend that you let your hair grow for at least 3 weeks for the best hair removal results.

If you are looking for hair removed from multiple areas, try one of our Hair Removal Packages.  If you book two areas together, you’ll receive an extra 10% off! Or book a course of 6 treatments and only pay for 5! At City Retreat Beauty Salons & Spas in Newcastle, Gosforth & Jesmond, you are our top priority!

Please note: We offer a free consultation and patch test to assess suitability for treatment.

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Waxing Hair Removal 

Hair removal experts in Newcastle at City Retreat Salons Spas

At City Retreat Beauty Salons & Spas in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, we offer two types of wax hair removal - Strip Waxing and Lycon Hot Waxing.

Strip waxing combined with Oritree Liquid Hair Remover is a pure and natural hair removal system that is kinder to the skin than most strip waxes.  This is a great way to remove unwanted hair from the legs, underarms, face, back and chest. 

For more intimate hair removal areas, we offer the Elite Lycon Hot Waxing System which removes hair as short as 1mm. Lycon Wax is excellent on the most sensitive & intimate areas, leaving a cleaner and neater finish.

Waxing Hair Removal Strip Wax Lycon Wax
Standard Bikini Line Wax £19.00 £25.00
G String Bikini Line Wax (high bikini) £27.00 £33.00
Brazillian Bikini Line Wax (landing strip) £37.00 £43.00
Hollywood Bikini Line Wax (total removal) £39.00 £46.00
Half Leg Wax £27.00 -
Three Quarter Leg Wax £33.00 -
Full Leg Wax £39.00 -
Full Leg and Bikini Line £51.00 £53.00
Full Leg and G String Bikini Line £55.00 £59.00
Full Leg and Brazilian Bikini Line £59.00 £65.00
Full Leg and Hollywood Bikini Line £61.00 £67.00
Under Arm Wax £19.00 £25.00
Lip Wax £15.00 £18.00
Lip & Chin Wax £23.00 £29.00
Eyebrow Wax £16.00 £19.00
Forearm Wax £24.00 -
Part Back or Chest Wax £36.00 -
Full Back Wax £42.00 -
Waxing Packages Strip Wax Lycon Wax
Half Leg, Underarm and Standard Bikini Line £52.00 £59.00
Half Leg, Underarm and G String Bikini Line £58.00 £68.00
Half Leg, Underarm and Brazilian Bikini Line £62.00 £72.00
Half Leg, Underarm and Hollywood Bikini Line £68.00 £75.00

Advanced IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal at City Retreat Beauty Salons in Newcastle, Gosforth, Jesmond

If you want permanently smooth skin without constant shaving, waxing, plucking or epilation, consider IPL Hair Removal. 

We use the tried and trusted Ellipse Sirius IPL technology for permanent hair removal. It works by sending controlled pulses of light into the skin. This light hits the melanin contained in the hair and is converted into heat energy which destroys the hair follicle.   

Every hair has a life cycle which means it grows for a period of time, falls out, rests & then starts to grow again so the number of sessions needed for each client may vary.

Advanced IPL Hair Removal Single Treatment Course of 6
Upper Lip £40.00 £200.00
Chin £40.00 £200.00
Half Face £70.00 £350.00
Underarms £70.00 £350.00
Arms £90.00 £450.00
Bikini £70.00 £350.00
G String Bikini £80.00 £400.00
Brazilian/Hollywood £130.00 £650.00
Half Leg £130.00 £650.00
Full Leg £185.00 £925.00
Chest and Abs £130.00 £650.00
Part Back £130.00 £650.00
Full Back £185.00 £925.00
Book a course of 6 and only pay for 5 treatments. Book two areas together and receive an extra 10% off.

For permanent hair removal, we recommend 9-12 sessions with additional interval treatments. The intervals between treatments are usually 1-3 months.

Important: Please ensure you carefully read our pre-care & after-care instructions before & after any hair removal treatments. Your beauty therapist will also be happy to advise you.

Hair Removal Appointments At Top Salons & Spas in Newcastle, Gosforth & Jesmond

For the best professional hair removal services, book an appointment at one of our City Retreat Beauty Salons & Spas in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Book online here or call any of the salons using Central Reservations on 0191 281 9222.