Safe Summer Skin – Spray Tanning

Get A Golden Glow With A Spray Tan At City Retreat Beauty Salon In Jesmond

After spending so much time inside this year a tanning treatment might be just what you need to feel great this summer! Whether you are lucky enough to be getting away somewhere or whether you fancy a healthy glow for your staycation in the UK, get the best summer spray tan at City Retreat Beauty Salon & Spa in Jesmond!

Vita Liberata Spray Tan City Retreat Jesmond

Safe Tanning Treatments At The Best Salon & Spa In Newcastle

Our skin has to contend with so much in our beauty regimes, especially when it comes to getting that perfect golden glow. Starting off your holiday with a spray tan means you can slowly build up your natural tan. Vita Liberata spray tan is also non-toxic, organic and free from parabens, perfume, alcohol, sulphates and all other chemicals of concern. At City Retreat Salon & Spa in Jesmond, we love Vita Liberata spray tans because you know that your skin is safe from any harmful chemicals that might be in store-bought tanning products. Vita Liberata spray tanning is why we are known as the best tanning salon in Newcastle!

The Best Professional Spray Tan With Vita Liberata at City Retreat Beauty & Spa Salon

Sometimes, it's just better to let the professionals do their thing. Nothing is worse than a streaky tan that is the wrong colour for your skin tone. At City Retreat Beauty & Spa Salon in Jesmond, our expert beauty therapists can create a perfect bronze glow that is bespoke for you. Choosing a salon spray tan eliminates the confusion of what is the best product, which colour will be the perfect match and what is the best way to get to all those hard to reach places! 

We can professionally apply your tan and give you expert aftercare advice so you are left looking perfect, with no streaks to be seen!

Back To The Beach Package

This Summer, our Vita Liberata spray tan is included in the Back To The Beach package! Have the bronzed spray tan you were planning on booking, along with a full body scrub and radiance facial. 

Call us now on 0191 2819222 to book your package now, or click here to find out more!

Time To Tan – Book Your Spray Tan At City Retreat Beauty & Spa Salon, Jesmond

The benefits of an in-salon spray tan are endless. If you are already thinking about how you can have that perfect summer glow for your holiday abroad, or for your staycation, then book in for your Vita Liberata spray tan at the best beauty salon in Newcastle now! Call on 0191 281 9222.