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Repair Your Skin With An Autumn Facial At City Retreat Beauty Salons In Newcastle

It can feel like summer is the time when you need to be on high alert when it comes to your skin care routine, having to deal with sunburn and pores clogged with sweat and sunscreen. However, Autumn can bring its own host of problems. The sudden temperature drop resulting in your skin moving from hot to cold constantly, the need to repair your skin after a summer spent on the beach, in hotter climates and the pool and getting up to find your face has swollen from all of the summer fun can mean that Autumn is the perfect time to give your skin some TLC. 

Read below to find out what our expert beauty therapists recommend for tending to your skin after the summer fun!

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Exfoliating Facials

Autumn is the perfect time to recover your skin before winter sets in. We suggest a deep cleansing facial and a good exfoliation to remove all of the dry skin build up from summer. Why not try one of our ELEMIS facials, such as the ELEMIS Skin Smooth Facial? Powerful resurfacing technology lifts away dead skin cells to smooth, renew and refine, whilst improving the appearance of skin tone and luminosity. Skin is prepped for an infusion of hydration that will double its moisture content, leaving it feeling plump and hydrated, whilst delivering an immediate and visibly tightened effect. After just one treatment, the complexion looks firmer, supremely smooth and rejuvenated. Click here to find out more about our ELEMIS Facials.

Purehydro Facials At The Best Beauty Salon In Newcastle

As dry skin is one of the most common causes for skin worries directly after the summer months, our range of Purehydro facials could be just what you are looking for to re-hydrate and make your skin look fabulous again. 

PureHydro uses LED and oxygen to invigorate and brighten your skin.  This gives a hydrating, anti-ageing, brightening, skin tightening and lifting result, while improving congestion and lymphatic drainage.  Suitable for all skin types. There are many different facials to choose from in this range, so why not give us a call so we can advise on the best Purehydro facial for your particular skin needs?

 CACI Non-Surgical Face Lifts

The sun isn’t only responsible for dark spots but also some of the fine lines and wrinkles that have set up residence on your forehead and around your eyes through spending more time outside in the sun. We have a wide range of CACI non-surgical face lifts which can help to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, great for face toning fine lines and wrinkles, especially with Wrinkle Comb - the perfect alternative to dermal fillers.  . Click here to find out more about our non-surgical face lifts at City Retreat Spa & Salons in Newcastle.

Back To Great Skin Offer

If you feel like you could do with a facial to restore your skin after the summer, we have just the solution! Book your 'Back To Skin' package of facials to put the zing back into your skin! Enjoy a course of 3 power performance facials including:

2 x 60 minute Dermalogica Pro-Power Peels

1 x Elemis 'Hands On' or Electrical BioTec Pro-Glow Facial to meet your specific post holiday skin needs.

Also receive a free Deep Cleansing Sonic Facial Brush

Package Price - £229.00 saving you over £80. Call us now to book your skin saving package now.  

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Repair your skin this Autumn with our Back To Skin package, or book a hydrating facial. Call us now on 0191 281 9222 or book online here.