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Hand and Foot Care

Foot and Hand Care

We all love visiting the salon for our manicures and pedicures and coming out feeling relaxed, refreshed and happy to show off our lovely nails.

By now yours are in probably in need of a little bit of TLC right now!!

I have popped together some. tips below outlining a simple and easy to follow at-home manicure/pedicure routine. I know this can’t replace your lovely therapist and their amazing skills, but hopefully it will help keep your nails in some sort of condition so you can proudly show your efforts! You just need a steady hand and a good collection of nail polish and you’re ready to go!

Here’s what you will need:

  • nail polish remover
  • nail file
  • hand/foot scrub
  • cuticle cream
  • orange stick or plastic cuticle tool
  • hand/foot cream
  • toe nail dividers or tissues
  • base coat
  • nail polish
  • top coat

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1: Shape your nail to a desired length and shape.

Gently shape your nails and even out any jagged edges. Using your nail file work from outside in, in just one direction, starting from one side working to middle, then the other side working to the middle. This will prevent the nail from splitting.

2: Cuticles.

Apply cuticle cream and massage in.

3: Soak your nails.

Soak hands in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes at a time. Push back cuticles with an orange stick. Leave cuticle trimming to the experts!

4: Exfoliate your hands to get them glowing.

You can use a specialist hand scrub for this stage, or instead just give your hands a gentle rub using your favourite body scrub. This will remove dead skin and give your skin a gorgeous glow.

5: Use hand cream to moisturise.

We often forget the skin on our hands, but just like the skin on the body and face, they need moisture after you exfoliate them. Use a nourishing hand cream to keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

6: Clean your nails.

Squeak your nails (using nail varnish remover on a piece of cotton wool rub over until squeaky clean) this is to ensure any cream/oil is removed from the nail plate.

7: Apply Polish.

First of all, use a base coat and apply a thin layer to each nail. This will help prevent staining from your nail colour. For your toe nails use your toe dividers or tissues to separate the toes so you don’t smudge.

Image of OPI manicure, sourced from OPI

Photo sourced from OPI

8: Apply your chosen colour.

Apply two coats of your chosen colour using quick, light strokes to allow polish to evenly distribute on each nail. For best results, wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second.

9: Add a top coat once your nails have dried.

After your nails have dried, apply a top coat to protect the colour. This will take approximately 20 minutes to be touch dry. HOWEVER, the polish will still be moveable and you can still smudge with firmer pressure to the nail so do be extra careful for a least an hour or so, especially for the toe nails. The big toes can take hours to be completely dry.

10: Enjoy and send in your pictures 😊 😊

We’d love to see how you get on, so feel free to post photos onto our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram.