Top Winter Nail Trends 2022

Nail Colour Trends For Winter 2022 At City Retreat Beauty Salons In Newcastle

Winter means a few things to us here at the top beauty salon in Newcastle. Cosy sweaters and outfits, indulgent massages and hydrating treatments and warming treats on colder mornings. A perfect way to get us even more in the mood for Winter is by experimenting with all of the latest nail colours. 

Throw yourself into this highly anticipated season by trying some of the biggest nail colour trends for Winter 2022 at the best nail salon in Newcastle! We have picked our favourites below. 


Mii Nail Polish at City Retreat In Newcastle

Moody Red

Red nails are a classic statement that has never gone out of fashion. However, what makes a red nail feel wintery is to go a bit deeper and moodier, than a traditional bright red. Try a wine red, or one with a deeper tone and believe us, this colour will suit everyone!

Brown & Neutral

It's all about getting back to basics, and what could be chicer than a beige, brown and neutral nail colour. This style will go with any look, and our large range of Mii colours means there is a combination to suit your skin tone, or style preference. Our top nail technicians can create your perfect nail look, book your nail appointment at City Retreat Beauty Salons here, or call us now on 01245 348488 to discover your Winter nail look!

Glossy Black Nails

We are seeing a trend for darker colours this Winter, stepping away from the nudes and sheer colours of the Summer. Not unlike red, black can be a classic nail look that suits many different people. Ensuring that the finish is glossy creates a beautifully manicured style that you just cannot go wrong with. 

Blue Nail Colours

Blue, navy, aquamarine, cobalt and pastel blues have been a big trend throughout the whole of 2022. If you are looking for a softer transition into the Winter months, a cobalt blue could be the best option for you. The hint of Summer in the brightness paired with the deeper tones could be the perfect move from the bright and pastel blues of the Spring and Summer. Or jump straight into the darker tones with a navy blue. Whichever you opt for, blue really has been one of the stand-out trends for this year, and will continue to be throughout Winter!

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