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Lesley’s Tip of the Month – September

It’s that time of year when we’re all struggling with our post holiday blues, the kids are back at school, the nights are drawing in and that gorgeous tan you got on your holiday is beginning to fade.

So how can we prolong that Summer feeling? Here are Lesley’s Tips of the Month.

Tip #1: Drinking Water – Water is key to giving us that summer glow, our skin is our largest organ and without sufficient hydration it cannot function properly causing the skin to become tight, dry and flaky with the opportunity for those pesky fine and lines and wrinkles to appear! So get drinking that H20 ladies!!

Tip #2: Dry Brushing – At the start of any Elemis Body Treatment you’ll find your therapist will begin with this method and we recommend you use the Elemis Body Brush (£21.00) before your morning shower. Begin on the left side of the body, starting at the feet and work upwards with long sweeping movements, focusing on those areas we all love to hate that are prone to cellulite. This helps to stimulate the lymphatic system releasing toxins that have built up over time, improve your skin texture and assist in exfoliation.

Tip #3: Exfoliation – At least twice a week after you’ve dry brushed, jump in the shower and give your body a good scrub, removing those dead skin cells to make your skin brighter and rejuvenated and to help stimulate those cells that keep us looking youthful. Whatever the kind of scrub you like we have a range from the more “invigorating” scrub like our Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow (£36.50) or a creamier scrub like the Skin Nourishing Body Scrub (£29.50).

And finally Tip #4 MOISTURISE – How many of us moisturise our face morning and night and are guilty for forgetting about our poor bodies? The same goes, once you’ve patted your skin dry, lather on the moisturiser like the Frangipani Monoi Cream (£24.00) and not only will you smell ‘Amazing’ but your skin will definitely look hydrated, youthful and glowing!

Alternatively, let us do it for you and book in for any of our Elemis Body Treatments starting at £35.00.

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