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Taking care of your wellbeing

First of all; Thank You for all your kind Birthday wishes. I hope you can make it to our Open Evening on the 12th November to help us celebrate. We are holding a spectacular evening of fun, food, demonstrations and mini treats for you all. We have lots of ideas for Christmas gifts for you, a FAB Prize Draw where you can win one of 3 Facials throughout the evening, Skin Care Products, A Spa Day, and a Voucher worth a staggering £245 from Venture Photography. So lots to do, see and hopefully lots of goodies to take home with you!!

What we would like to share with you this November, is taking care of your wellbeing.

The winter is fast approaching. The dark evenings are upon us and the thoughts of long dark nights and short blustery days for the foreseeable months is quite a dismal thought. We miss the sunshine, and rightly so, it makes us feel happy and healthy and full of life. So… what WE NEED to do is ensure we take care of ourselves and our wellbeing more than ever during the cold, dark, dreary days of winter.

Massage is a wonderful treatment for ensuring our wellness. It is not only a wonderfully relaxing treatment, it also stimulates our blood flow resulting in an increase of fresh nutrients and oxygen being delivered to the cells. It aids lymphatic drainage, ensuring any build up of toxins and lactic acid is released and hastens the removal of waste from our bodies. Deep Tissue Massage reduces tension that has built up in the muscles due to poor posture, repetitive strain or just work/life pressures. Massaging the muscles and trigger points helps to reduce the build up of lactic acid and the knotted fibres that build up in the muscle over a period of time, which can create a host of ailments including fatigue, headaches, mobility and joint problems to name a few.

A massage at City Retreat is a truly relaxing experience.

Our therapists are trained to the highest standard and use both relaxing and deep tissue techniques to give you a most effective and enjoyable experience. All of our massages start with a welcome ritual on the feet (Blissful!), body brushing to stimulate the blood flow and then depending on the pressure you prefer or sometimes you need!! The therapist will carry out a highly effective massage to suit your needs at the time of treatment.

So…what more can I say? If you have not experienced a massage at City Retreat then why not treat yourself,  your mind and your body to a treatment that will not only help you relax and unwind, but ensure your health & wellbeing throughout the grey days of winter.

Our massages start at £35 for a 30 minute back massage. You will be with us for 45 minutes so we can establish your needs, perform your treatment to the highest standard and give you a little rest period after your massage.

Expect and Experience, not just a Treatment!!

PS. Mention our blog to receive £10 off any of our massage treatments during November 2015

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  1. excellent suggestion thanks

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